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One aspect of casino games that has players frustrated to no end is the maximum bet rule. Professionals and newbies alike get trapped by this regulation. However this rule should not be a hurdle for your enjoyment. We have provided a comprehensive guide on the rule, the methods to prevent breaking the rule and finally how to deal with it when a breach occurs.

Maximum Bet Rule

It is very simple. It is part of the terms & conditions page of a casino. But since a majority of players ignore reading this page, they crack the rule.  It denotes that you have maximum bet limitation while playing with a bonus that is active. You cannot bet over a particular sum while playing slots or the table casino games.

What happens if you bet over the limit?

Any winnings you make and the bonus will be taken away.

While this rule may seem unfair, it is a known fact that casinos keep a house edge in order to safeguard themselves from massive payouts.  Even if players do get to win big prize money, the rule helps a casino restrict the threat involved.

Nevertheless the regulation is very vexing especially for high rollers. But it need not threaten your enjoyment anymore.

How It Works

The first step in dealing with the regulation is, knowing what the maximum amount set by the casino for a bet. As mentioned before, this is seen in the casino terms page. Alternatively, you can confirm it with the support division.

If you are unable to find the amount, never begin with high bets. You stand the risk of losing all your winnings including the massive jackpot. Although finding it can take time, do so prior to beginning on the bets to save a lot of heartbreak and money loss.

What if I wish to place big bets?Is it possible?

Each casino has different maximum bet rule. The amount for a slot bonus can differ from one casino to other. So checking the amount at any casino you play is very important. This holds true for each bonus you are offered. $ 5 or 5 £/€ is the general amount for the max bet. But some casinos can go for a higher amount and some lower. So checking the amount is very essential.

Finding a casino that allows higher amount of bet for the slot can do the trick for you. Here are a few such casinos:

Casino Mate

Max Bet Amount: $/€ 20

This bet amount is applicable when the play through requirements is active. If you win an amount that is higher than the limit, you will face a 10x penalty, which is added to your aggregate wagering terms.

West Casino

Max Bet Amount: 20 per cent of complete bonus amount.

The maximum level up to which the above bet is applicable is £10

Casino Euro

Max Bet Amount:£6 for every game round or 50 pence for a line

The above amount is applicable when you play with a bonus that is active

The above list is not exhaustive. You may find casinos with higher bet amount. So to play safely, it is best to do the necessary research before you take the plunge.

What Is Slots Maximum Bet Button?

The question that often arises in a player’s mind is, is it necessary to play the maximum bet on the slots. If the game’s maximum bet is more than what is allowed in the casino terms and the bonus is active you should not play the max bet button. If you hit the button by mistake inform the casino immediately instead of just ignoring it.

On the other hand, if there is no bonus and you want to play the maximum bet, you can do so. Consider the maximum bet when you form your slot strategy. If you are knowledgeable about the rules you will not breach them.

What Does Maximum Bet Protection Signify?

If you not happy with the maximum bet rule, there is relief for you at least in the casinos that protect you from this rule. This protection helps you to adhere to the rules and prevents you from losing your winnings. Here are a few such max bet protection casinos:

BitStarz Casino

This casino provides an error notification informing that your limit is reached, when you place a wager that is higher than the max bet. You can cancel the wager and reduce the bet amount to be within the casino terms.

Videoslots Casino

This casino sends a message notifying that an interruption has occurred due to placement of bet higher than the bet limit. If while receiving the message you are in the free spin round or something similar, you can start with the same stage when you re-launch the game. Thus you can change the amount of the bet and ensure you are playing by the rule.

Trada Casino

This trada casino provides players another chance when they breach the maximum bet rule.

Whenever you play in a casino that has the protection feature, read the terms of this protection completely before you use it.

Maximum Bet InTable Games

The maximum bet rules in table games are different from what you see in a slot game. Check the casino terms for any variations before you start betting.

What To Do When You Break The Rule?

If you have broken the rule prior to knowing how to deal with it, things do not look positive for you. Your withdrawal will be likely declined. Your winnings will be taken away and even your account may be blocked. Unfortunately for you, there is no way out of this problem.  While the customer support does help, the end result will be the same. But now that you know what to expect from the maximum bet and how to deal with it, you will not have to break the maximum bet rule ever.

We hope every doubt and worry you had regarding the maximum bet rule is cleared now with our comprehensive guide. You can always visit our forum for more assistance in knowing about the rule and turning it to your advantage.