5 Astonishing Casino Jackpot Tales That Will Have You Rolling On The Floor Laughing Out Loud

5-Astonishing-Casino-Jackpot-Tales-That-Will-Have-You-Rolling-On-The-Floor-Laughing-Out-Loud - GreatCasinoCanada.com

When you roll the dice or spin the reels in a casino, you always hope you hit the jackpot. The probability of winning is the main draw of casino games. While winning is certainly a joyful occasion, casinos have their share of some really humorous jackpot episodes. Here are some of the most comical gambling situations that will have you rolling on the floor and laughing your heart out.

Top Funny Jackpot Tales That Are Guaranteed To Have In Splits

Winning big is dream that every gambler has. And the presence of Mega Fortune, Mega Moolah and the like that payout in millions certainly fuel every wannabe jackpot winner. Of the various huge jackpot wins there are sure to be some hilarious tales you would love to hear and share.

One such story belongs to a jackpot winner who hit it big as he sat on a toilet? Unbelievable isn’t it, it sure is funny and true too. So here are few funniest tales you can pass on to others and share the fun.

Following are stories that have punters hitting the big jackpot when they least anticipated it. Although casinos are games of chance, not all players enter a game expecting to win. And when they do win, it can be very hilarious.

How The Toilet Turned Out To Be The Lucky Spot

Not many people can link the toilet to winning a jackpot, but here it is. A Swedish player (25 years old) hit an amazing jackpot of 1.6 million SEK, while playing the Divine Fortune NetEnt slot.  The player hit the big prize money when he decided to try one more time before cashing out his winnings for the session.

And he tried this final round while he sat on a toilet! He couldn’t believe it and rushed out to share the good news with his family (hopefully after he had been done with the toilet!)Read more about this hilarious jackpot win at Lucky Vegas Hero Casino here.

Small Bet And Big Win

Determination can make you hit the big prize even in a game of chance.

Not convinced.

The story of €179000 win by a Finnish punter will definitely surprise you into a stupor.

This happened at the Casumo Casino. The player, a Finland native amassed the jackpot with small bet money of €100.

The big prize money was not from a single hit but from big hits won daily over a span of eight days. He chose to withdraw the amount on the eighth day. And over the span, he chose the right slots accurately hitting the big payout money. Find more about this story here.

Jackpot Over Lunch

Mobile casinos have really made it easy to win any time and at any place as this construction worker in Britain found out. Being an avid casino fan, he had a go at one of the slot games he loves to play.

And he did this during the break time for lunch. And he won a jackpot of around £3.8 million. Looten Khamum was the slot game that turned out to be the player’s lucky game at the Bwin casino.

And the win which was given as a single huge payout was the biggest in two decades of the casino’s history.

Now he is thanking his lucky stars on his favorite pastime during lunch, though his employer would certainly have other less happy thoughts about it. But, hey, it is not every day you get to hit it big, right!

Saved By The Dog

Casumo Casino sure seems to have its share of funny player anecdotes. This time around, it was a dog which turned out to be the lucky mascot.

A player tried her luck at the Divine Fortune slot to while away the time as her new pet dog found it difficult to sleep.

And she won massive €131000 prize money on the slot game and by placing a bet of just .40 cent. Isn’t that incredible! Read more about this amazing story here.

Lucky Pizza

This is one pizza that was well worth the wait. Our lucky winner in this story has his pizza to thank for the big jackpot he won.

As he placed his pizza in the oven and waited for it to cook, he decided to play the Mega Fortune slot game. And he couldn’t believe it when he won€3.5million off the spin. We are sure he would never look at pizza without thinking about the jackpot.

Now that you have read our funny tales on jackpot mega grossers and had oodles of fun, why not try to create some funny ones of your own.