10 Biggest Mega Moolah Slot Jackpot Winners

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Mega Moolah is one slot game players scramble to play no matter which casino they frequent. The high number of winners and more importantly the massive winnings are two swaying factors for the game. If you haven’t played the game,its high time you did as it offers the highest payouts ever. Not convinced. Look at some of the top winners the game has spun and their prize money.

Breaking Records All Over

The progressive Mega Moolah slot is an incredible game that leaves players and onlookers amazed every time a payout happens.  And when you think the last payout was the biggest ever, another win happens and the record is broken all over again. With the winners list being endless, players now have begun to realize that it is a game that will spawn winners forever. 

In the online and offline casinos worldwide, players enjoy this progressive game while some get lucky enough to go home with the big win.

And by a big win we mean massive and incredible wins and not just mere thousands. And this mammoth amount can change lives and turn your dreams into reality. So brace yourself and read about the records set in the game so far.

Records Galore

The highest prize providing game in the history of progressive slots, Mega Moolah has set a few records. Its €18.9 Million prize money at the Grand Mondial Casino is the top record payout worldwide.

The €13Million prize money in 2020 has set new records in Euros, when a Canadian was lucky enough to hit the winning slot reel.

Top 10 Massive Wins

The above two records are just a couple of the high payouts this amazing slot game offers. Now read on to know about the recent high wins in Mega Moolah, which have set new records in the history of the game up till now:

  1. 28th September 2018 – A new global record was made at the Grand Mondial Casino with winning amount being €18,915,872.81
  2. 6th October 2015 – A Guinness record was made for the largest payout in jackpot in online slot with the winning amount of €17,879,645.12
  3. 30th January 2020 – A huge payout of €13,328,028.16 was given out at Zodiac Casino
  4. 25th April 2017- a big prize money to the tune of €8,012,153.35 was paid out by theTipico Casino
  5. 28th August 2016 – A massive payout of €7,968,311.26 was made to the winner playing at Zodiac Casino
  6. On 5th November 2016 Yako Casino offered what was at that time a huge win of €7,807,985.53
  7. On 25th September 2017, large jackpot prize money of €7,742,015.53 was paid out at the Unibet Casino
  8. On 14th March 2017 Zodiac Casino made a huge winning payout for its jackpot player and the winning amount was €6,694,369.46
  9. Casinoland on 17th June 2016 made a huge jackpot prize award of €6,380,123.15 for the fortunate slot player
  10. On 16th January 2017, payout money of €6,081,837.61 was made by Captain Cook’s Casino to the winning punter

The time is not far off when the winning amount and date change, as the game has proved more often than not its limitless capacity to dish out gigantic payouts.

Can You Win The Jackpot Money Playing MegaMoolah?

After reading the record wins you are sure to wonder if you have the chance of being one among the record winners. Although we would love to know the insider fact on the big wins, in reality, the casino game is all about your chance at the slot.

Playing this game at the right location and time is very important here. Everyone has the same probability of hitting the winning reel and the amount you bet on does not influence the win.

As you have seen here even the tiniest of bets have hit the jackpot. But make sure you play with money that you can manage to lose without worrying much. Responsible playing can keep you enjoying the game.